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We believe that you, like most employers in this sector, have realized that your most valuable resources are motivated and loyal employees.
Are you ready to consider the possibility of sending your business offers worldwide exclusively to candidates whose competence and preference are in line with goals and culture of your company?
If you would like to receive biographies of candidates with whom you would be able to cooperate to the mutual satisfaction, please contact us.
We will organize a brief meeting in order to create a profile of your company, focusing on things that have been shown as relevant to job candidates. We will compare the created profile with the desirable profiles of a large number of candidates from our database until we find the best fit. Best fit means that you will receive profiles of candidates with the right expectations about your company, with needed knowledge and skills, who could easily fit in your company culture, work dynamics and vision.
Looking forward to working with you.


Recruitment fit

All candidates from our database fill out a questionnaire through which they define their preferences, expectations and criteria related to their desired job position and future company. Based on the candidate’s answers, we create a profile of the desired company organization and culture - a company prototype. After we determine the match between your company profile and the candidate’s company prototype, we connect you only with those candidates for which your company would fit.


Technical fit

Each candidate passes through a structured procedure of technical assessment adapted to candidate’s experience and work position. First part of technical evaluation consists of a questionnaire that examines the technical knowledge and skills of every candidate. If candidates meet the set criteria, they access to a technical interview with our recognized IT experts. After a comprehensive evaluation through questionnaires and interviews, we create a detailed profile of candidate’s technical competences.


Personality fit

Successful long-term employee has a personality that fits both: their role within the organization and the organizational culture. Through the comprehensive evaluation of traits and skills we determinate the fit between a particular work role and competences of each candidate. Our team of experienced psychologists developed the unique method in assessing emotional, social and motivational characteristics of candidates. In order to provide you a personal fit in your working environment, we are delivering you a detailed psychological profile.


Best fit

The best fit package includes the entire service - recruitment and assessment of technical and psychological competencies for each candidate. It involves bringing together all the data we have received through an extensive evaluation into one comprehensive report which gives you a clear picture about candidate’s profile and his/her capacity and motivation to adapt to your organizational culture. This allows you to gain a deeper insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate for the purpose of selecting exactly the candidate who is the best fit for your company.