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IT professionals and companies

Career Seeker

Agency specialized in recruitment and selection of candidates in the IT sector

We strive to improve career development and job satisfaction of IT professionals as well as the IT company's business success, through identifying the best fit between the competence and preference of IT professionals and IT company's goals and culture.

What do we offer?

Point out your career vision

Having a job that fits you best does not feel like working because you are just being you. To make sure that we fully understand your personal and professional needs, go through a brief questionnaire or/and a conversation with our friendly recruiters and IT experts. Through interesting and challenging tasks you will have the opportunity to find out more about yourself: your qualities, motivation and ambition. In this way you will have a unique opportunity to get job offers that are in line with it.

We are here to find the best fit company for you and to be your support in a new working environment.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Point out your team vision

Each successful employee has a combination of skills, personality, ability, knowledge and experience that allows her or him to fit in a specific organizational culture. Research has shown that fit is the most significant indicator of productivity, satisfaction and engagement. Our approach is simple: we tend to get to know the culture and the goals of your company in order to find the employee who would share your values.

We are recruiting and selecting individuals and teams worldwide  to work in IT companies. If you need temporary staffing or outplacement service, we can also manage that.

Looking forward to working with you.